Quick! Father’s day is right around the corner. The special man in your life, whether your dad or the father of the household deserves to feel appreciation on the one day that is dedicated solely to him! As every parent knows, raising a child is hard – and that’s an understatement. The dad in your life needs a little down time because in between coaching the softball team, taking the little ones to gymnastics and reading bedtime stories, dads often forget to take some well-needed time alone to do what they love. Ugears has you covered with awesome gift ideas for Father’s day that let the special man in your life truly just enjoy the day.



Men and Their Toys

Guys love their toys; there’s simply no denying that. However, purchasing a snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV or the old car they once had as a teen simply isn’t always practical. But the 460 Ugears Locomotive is – or any of the self-moving mechanical models for that matter! These gift ideas for Father’s day let Dad take some time away from the craziness of the house to work on their “toy” in their man cave or garage. It’s like working on their car on a hot Saturday evening, sans the mess, oil, heat and frustration. What’s let? Just enjoyment!


A Gift That Keeps Giving

The best part is that the fun doesn’t stop once the mechanical puzzle is complete. These mechanics actually become a real-life man toy, as the gears start turning and the puzzle starts moving. Plus, it’s an awesome addition to the man cave. The aesthetics are sure to impress all their buddies that come over. And as we all know, men can be prideful creatures and they’ll be eager to show off what they built – and more importantly, what their awesome child (or spouse) got them for Father’s Day.


A Special Day For Dad and the Kids

Maybe you don’t want gift ideas for Father’s Day that will take Dad away from the family for a couple hours. That’s totally okay because the Ugears mechanical puzzles are perfect for the whole family. Dad can get in some well-needed bonding time with their kids – without timeouts, arguments and frustration. Building Ugears mechanical models with the kids will also give Dad the opportunity to teach them something new – and maybe even start a new hobby for them to bond over. So, whether the kids, teenagers or full-grown adults, everyone can enjoy this special time with Dad, as they build a monumental that will forever be admired in the home.


Remind Them of Their Childhood

Every little boy loves their models, and these awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day allow your Dad to enjoy doing something they’ve loved ever since they were a kid. Mechanical model gifts will remind Dad of a special time in their life, and he will be excited to see if he still has his model-making skills. The only difference is that these mechanical models are much cooler than the plastic models they enjoyed as a kid – with working gears to boot. So, whether your Dad is always talking about the car, boat, train or any other models they used to build as a kid, the gift ideas for Father’s Day available on Ugears can give them a blast to the past with all the excitement and satisfaction to follow!


Simply put, these self-moving mechanical models. You just can’t get a cooler gift. You’ve probably already gifted your Dad with a coffee mug (or several), pictures and tools on Father’s Day, so let’s make this one even better with an epic gift. Whether your Dad is a blue-collar or white-collar kind of man, or even a stay-at-home Dad, Ugears mechanical models are a gift that he will love. These gift ideas for Father’s Day have “man” written all over them. So, this year, wrap up another year of awesome Dad-ism with something that lets the special man in your life do what he’s always loved to do – build epic models. Shop all the awesome gift ideas for Dad at UGears today.