Wooden Mechanical Box

At UGears, our 3D wooden mechanical models are enjoyed by people from all from around the world and from all walks of life. That’s because as well as being stunning to look at, fun to play with and wonderfully eco-friendly, our models are able to be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. This means that the pride and stimulation that comes with assembling one of our innovative 3D plywood models, is open to everyone.


Let’s have a look now at a selection of our models, each aimed at a different level of skill and model-making aptitude.


The Mechanical Box

 UGears Mechanical Box

Designed to provide an interesting place to put those little things you just don’t want to misplace, the Mechanical Box is super fun to put together and allows people with little or no model-making experience to gain the satisfaction that comes with creating a fully functioning machine. Whilst it might only have 61 parts to piece together, it still represents a challenge and the result is a really impressive gadget that even closes itself automatically after you’ve used it. A great 3D mechanical model for beginners!


The Chronograph


The next choice on our list is the Chronograph which is one of the most stunningly beautiful models in our range. This unique 3D mechanical model is a fully-functioning timepiece that is as much fun to play with as it is pleasing to the eye. This fantastic creation can be set to run for up to 20 minutes, with an alarm being activated once time has run out.


This model is a step up from the first one, with 107 parts to assemble and is ideal for those with a little model-building experience who are searching for a rewarding creative challenge.


The Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

 The Heavy Boy Truck Model

As one of our most popular 3D mechanical models, the Heavy Boy Truck VM-03  is also one of the biggest and most challenging in our range. Powered by a R6 rubber band engine, this is your chance to sample just a little of what the life of a long-haul trucker is like. With three working gears (forward, back and idle), this super-detailed, super impressive mode that can travel up to 5 metres on single wind is one that will present a challenge to even the most experienced of hobby modellers.


Kind to the Environment


Much time and effort has gone into making UGears models not only the most stimulating models around but also the most kind to the environment. Our models need no batteries to achieve movement, no glue to assemble and contain nothing that you wouldn’t find in nature aside from the odd rubber band or length of twine. For those reasons, we believe that UGears models are perhaps the most eco-friendly you’ll find anywhere.


If you’d like to take a look through the entire range of UGears 3D mechanical plywood models, you should visit us at www.ugears.online, where you’ll find more stunning examples of what’s possible when innovation meets the traditional hobby of model-building.


Check back with us soon for more tips and guidance on what many believe to be a revolutionary step forward in the hobby.