UGears Wooden Mechanical Models

Since we started trading back in 2014, UGears 3D mechanical models have become really popular because of the truly unique blend of engineering fun and mental stimulation that they offer. And we’re delighted to be able to say that the popularity of our products is truly global, with people across the world being able to sample the magic and new wood smell that you get when you open up one of our plywood mechanical products.


Of course, you could always pop into John Lewis if you live in the UK to buy one off the shelf, but if you live farther afield, that might not be possible. The good news is that our postal delivery service is able to put one of our fabulous models in your hands wherever you are in the world in as little as 5 working days. We offer this because we feel that geographical location shouldn’t infringe on your ability to enjoy the stimulation and fun that our unique 3D mechanical models provide.


So, whether you live in Kuwait, New Zealand, Turkey or even downtown Chicago, USA, you can enjoy our products and appreciate their craftsmanship just like everyone else. What’s more, if you order more than £150 worth of products from mainland UK, delivery is free! Check here to see how much delivery is to your part of the world.


Why Are UGears Models So Popular?


Well, if you haven’t seen one of our 3D mechanical models before, then you’re in for a treat, as they’re probably not like any you may have seen before. That’s because:


  • They contain absolutely no plastic, as each one is fashioned from laser-cut plywood
  • Despite being mechanical models that are able to move under their own power, they need no batteries
  • They need no glue, screws or adhesives to assemble, with each piece simply slotting together
  • They’re robust enough to be played with and enjoyed for years


In addition to this, there is the aspect of the aesthetics of our models, which are, in our opinion, some of the most amazing you’re likely to find anywhere. And rather than take our word for it, we’d seriously recommend that you take a look through our entire catalogue on our website There you’ll find some uniquely wonderful creations to stimulate novices and experienced modellers alike.


Alternatively, if after looking through all of the fantastic examples of 3D plywood mechanical models on our site, you feel like you need some advice on which one is right for you, then our friendly team is available on +44192 686 4282 to help you decide. You can also contact us outside of business hours by sending us an email to and we’ll do our very best to get back to you as soon as we can.


We thank you for reading our blog. We hope that it has shown you that wherever you are in the world, you’re never too far away from amazing, stimulating engineering fun.