Tower Windmill wooden model

If you’ve ever considered model making as a hobby, but decided against it because you think that it’s all about building various different types of tanks, cars and aeroplanes, then we’d urge you to think again, as there’s much more to UGears 3D mechanical models than piecing vehicles together. You could certainly be forgiven for thinking that the hobby is limited in that way, as it has been for years, but believe it when we say, there’s much more to our models than that.


When we started UGears back in Ukraine in 2014, we had a vision of changing the model making hobby forever and in a way that was kind to the environment. We believe, as do our customers, that we achieved that goal and we’ll show you now, as we introduce you to just a few of our 3D mechanical models.


The Tower Windmill


Our first example is the Tower Windmill and it’s based on a real working windmill from 17th Century Chesterton in Warwickshire in the UK. The amazing about thing about this and all of our models is that they don’t just look amazing, as they move just like the real thing too! The Tower Windmill model from UGears winds up by hand and once let go, it comes to life in all it’s glory, with all of its gears and cogs working in glorious unison. Imagine being able to say you made it to your friends!


The Hurdy Gurdy


The next item on our list is the Hurdy Gurdy and it’s an honest to goodness real life working musical instrument! Based on the 15th-century European instrument of the same name, the Hurdy Gurdy model can be played in just the same way as the real thing. Not only that but its classic aesthetic also makes it perfect for use as an ornamental for you to enjoy every day. Style and substance - no plastic model’s going to give you that.


The Chronograph


Our last example is the gorgeous Chronograph 3D mechanical model, which works just like a real timepiece and can be set to run for as long as 20 minutes! Complete with amplitude adjustment system, roller pendulum and alarm, it’s a mechanical model that provides as much joy to assemble as it does to play with. What’s more, you don’t have to be a model making expert to put it together either.


No Glue, No Batteries, No Bother


The incredible thing about our 3D mechanical models is that they require no glue to assemble, no batteries to power and no PhD in engineering to piece together. Every single model in our range is created from a single sheet of sustainably sourced plywood, with each piece so precisely cut by laser that they simply slot together to create the incredible, living models you see on our website.


If you’d like to see our complete range in closer detail, then you can do so by visiting at, where you’ll find pictures, videos and descriptions of every single 3D mechanical model we have. You’ll notice that we DO also have planes, trains and automobile models to choose from, but even they are not what you might expect.


If after looking through our amazing range, you have some questions you’d like answering, you can call our friendly experts on +44192 686 4282 and they’ll do everything they can to assist.