Steam Train Model

With New Year now clearly visible on the horizon, it’s that time of year when you need to wrack your brains as to what to buy for your friends and family. It can be a tricky task, as it’s getting harder and harder to find new things online that people don’t already have. With this in mind, we look at a possible option for those difficult-to-buy-for family members - 3D wooden models from UGears.


Eco-Friendly Modelling


When you purchase amazing mechanical models from the UGears collection like the V-Express Steam Locomotive, The U-9 Grand Prix Car or the UGM-11 truck, you get a genuinely unique gift that is certain to amaze and delight the person you give it to - but that’s not all. You also get the peace of mind of knowing that the product you’re buying has had no impact on the environment at all. ‘Why?’ we hear you ask...well, here’s why.


Every model you see on the UGears website has been created from just one piece of plywood, expertly designed and laser cut by our highly-talented team. You’ll find no plastics, metals or even batteries needed to construct our robust 3D wooden models, even though many of them are able to move under their own power. All you will find in each wooden kit is an incredible model that you’ll have hours of joy putting together.


Incredible Designs

Stagecoach model

The main feature and perhaps the reason why UGears 3D mechanical wooden models have become so popular with so many of our customers around the world is that they’re simply incredible to construct. They’re also incredible to play with and incredible to look at afterwards and this is thanks to their intricate designs that feature whirring cogs, pistons and even working suspension with some.


When in full flight, our wooden models have been designed to allow easy viewing of the inner workings as they move and when you witness this, the technical wizardry is truly something to behold. Belying the fact that our models are completely fashioned from wood, the 3D designs available have a touch of genius about them. There have been 3D wooden models on the market before - but not like these!


Take a Look Around Our Site!


So, if you’d like some fresh ideas about what to get for that relative that’s difficult to buy for, for the New Year, we recommend that you take a good look around our website where you’ll find an array of amazing 3D wooden mechanical model designs. 

There are a lot of 3D wooden models available in the UGears range, so we understand if you have trouble deciding which is the right one for your needs. If you are struggling to decide, our friendly team is available to help guide you to the ideal model.


Thanks for reading and we hope our blog has made preparing that New Year gift a little bit easier.