The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was an event watched around the world by millions and it was the glitz, glamour and sheer majesty of the occasion that made it so appealing to so many. The good news is that whether you were lucky enough to be present on the big day or not, the UGears Royal Wedding Carriage mechanical 3D model lets you recreate the occasion in the comfort of your own home.


Battery-free Motion


Unlike many traditional types of models, the Royal Wedding Carriage is not just a delightfully elegant ornament to display prominently in your living room. This model is able to move, just like the real one did, with Harry and Meghan sitting inside, seemingly being pulled along by four beautiful horses.

This 3D mechanical model is powered by an expertly engineered - and hidden - elastic band-driven motor that’s secreted away inside the carriage. Simply wind up the mechanism with a few twists and watch the carriage go!


Intricate Detail


Another aspect of this gorgeous three-dimensional mechanical model that makes it a fantastic addition to the collection of any fan of the Royals, is the attention to detail involved. Not only is the winding mechanism in the shape of a royal crown, but there’s also a royal coat of arms etched on to each door panel and you have a choice of figures to place in the carriage that, from Harry in full dress uniform, Meghan holding her wedding bouquet, the Queen and Prince Philip.


Eco-Friendly Modelling


In terms of being environmentally friendly, there isn’t a single model on the market that is as well designed as those available from UGears. Not only are all our models precision cut by laser meaning that absolutely no glue or adhesives of any kind are needed, but the plywood used to create them is sourced from sustainable forests. You get to enjoy your modelling experience knowing that creating it caused little or no impact on the environment.


An Entire Range of Modelling Enjoyment


The Royal Wedding Carriage in all its majesty is just one example of the engineering skill and hard work that goes into our entire range of 3D mechanical models. If you’d like to see more of what we do, we’d love for you to come and visit us online at, where you’ll find all kinds of models, each with their unique style and innate magic.


We have models to suit all ages and skill levels, so we guarantee that whether you’re a modelling novice or a seasoned model builder, we have something to stimulate the mind and provide hours of fun. If you’d like some help choosing the right one for your needs, then you should call us on +44192 686 4282 where our friendly team are waiting to take your call.


Thanks for reading. We hope that you have enormous amounts of fun and satisfaction from assembling your UGears model, whichever one you end up choosing.


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