Car Model

Whether we like it or not, technology has largely taken over most pastimes in the modern world, with smartphones and consoles becoming increasingly popular. However, if you’re fed up of time in front of the screen and you’d like something both mentally stimulating and rewarding to do this Christmas, why not try one of our innovative wooden models?


Our self-assembly wooden models are like no others you’ll find, as they are precisely engineered by our expert design engineers with moving parts that can actually move under their own power. There are a number of other reasons that our 3D mechanical models are unique and we look at them now.


Eco-Friendly Modelling

 Aviator model

The first thing to mention about our 3D mechanical models is the fact they’re made of wood, but there’s more to it than that. To begin with, our models are almost entirely made out of responsibly-sourced plywood, with the only exception to that rule being the rubber bands in the engines in the models like the U9 Grand Prix Car and the Roadster.


Throw in the fact that no toxic chemicals are used to treat the wood used in our models and that no glue whatsoever is needed to construct them and you soon realise just how kind to the environment they are! When you also consider this fact and look at models like the Tower Windmill and the Aviator, you begin to understand the engineering skill that has gone into making them.


Ease of Construction

 mechanical wooden models

Another great thing about our self-assembly 3D mechanical wooden models is that they are able to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of model-building experience or skill. We have numerous choices available in our expert model range, our intermediate range and our beginner range, so you’ll find lots of models to enjoy whatever stage you’re at on your model-building journey.


You’ll need no tools when putting one of our self-assembly wooden models together either, as they’re crafted with such precision that the pieces simply slot together. However, it’s down to you to work out exactly where those pieces go from the full-colour instructions that come in the box!


The Gift that Keeps Giving


So, if you’re looking for a unique gift for someone or simply searching for something interesting to do over the Christmas period, our 3D mechanical wooden models are something we’d encourage you to try. As well as being an amazing gift to construct, our models are robust enough to be played with and admired for years to come. They truly are gifts that keep on giving.


For full details of our entire range, take a look through our website or give us a call on +441926 864282 to talk to our friendly sales team who can provide you with guidance should you need any.