There are seldom few model-building experiences available that are more captivating and visually stimulating than the Butterfly - an incredible 3D mechanical wooden model from UGears. Its intricate design and well-crafted construction belie the fact that it - like the entire UGears range - has been created using nothing but a sheet of responsibly sourced plywood.

Precisely Engineered

Many of the best designs in engineering are based on elements that exist in nature and it was this synergy between the two that inspired the creation of this fascinating model that’s as enjoyable to view as it is to piece together. What’s more, this beautiful model is able to move under its own power and in a way that brings it to life - again belying its wooden construction.

When wound up, this simply beautiful 3D wooden mechanical model springs into action, perfectly recreating a slow-motion video of a real butterfly landing on a flower. So precisely engineered is the Butterfly from UGears that it requires no adhesive of any kind to construct, with each piece simply snapping into place to form a finished product that you will be truly proud of.

Nature in Nature

It’s extremely apt that a model that celebrates the beauty in nature has been created using wood that has been sourced from sustainable Norwegian forest stocks, meaning that you know that your enjoyment doesn’t come at the expense of the environment it came from. Combine that with the fact that no toxic chemicals are used to treat our plywood models and you soon realise that UGears offers perhaps the most ecologically sound mechanical models you’ll find anywhere.

Even the delicate wings of this model are created from simple craft paper, with the motion of this amazing 3D mechanical model being provided by kinetic energy from an elastic band motor. In addition to the realistic wing motion, the Butterfly’s two pairs of front legs also move to add the final touches to a surprisingly robust wooden model. 

We know that once you try a UGears model like the Butterfly, your perception of what modern modelling as a hobby means will be changed forever.

Want to See More?

If you’d like to find out more about the Butterfly or our entire extensive range of 3D mechanical models, we encourage you to take a look around our website where you’ll find a range of designs suitable for all ages and skill levels. 

If you should find it difficult to decide which of our models is right for you from our comprehensive selection, our friendly team is available on +44192 686 4282 to help direct you to your ideal UGears model. We appreciate you taking the time out to read our blog. We hope it has opened your eyes to just what is possible when natural construction materials are put in the hands of hugely talented engineers.

Check back with us soon for more from the home of cutting-edge 3D mechanical modelling.