The month of June is interesting. It marks the start of warmer weather, the opening of swimming pools and lakes and most importantly, Father’s Day is celebrated in June. In a week’s time, you will have another opportunity to celebrate the father figure in your life. If you have relied on common father’s day gifts to show them love in the past, you can break up the routine this time with enjoyable activities.

Outdoor Excursion and Joint Projects

On Father’s Day, you can go for a family walk or pay a visit to a nearby state park. Another father’s day activity may involve going together for a sporting event and could end up with outdoor grilling or a picnic.

You can also create a pleasant memory with your dad if you start a project together. You can build a birdhouse or do gardening construction to mark the special day.

UGears Father's Day

Excursions and projects are good but if you want to step up your father’s day activities and enter a new zone you need to do something different. Ugears mechanical models can help your dad have a superb pastime. There are 3D kits that can brighten up your father’s day activities. By stepping outside the norm, you will learn more about each other, and of course, have fun in the process

Below are 4 model building activities that can make father’s day very interesting:

Build an assembly plant with Robot Factory

How about constructing a dream factory? With Robot factory kits, you don’t have to visit a factory to experience one. The robot factory is a DIY Puzzle for the family and most importantly, it is a great Father’s day gift.


The step-by-step building of this model will keep the entire family entertained for hours Getting inputs and encouragement from other members of the family as the model is assembled can be fun. On project completion, the assembly line comes alive with a miniature figure, a ramp of vehicles and a monorail running along the perimeter. This is a view to behold! Your father gets to enjoy and be proud of the resulting masterpiece.

Archballista-Tower to the defense

A medieval tower and ballistics building can be an exciting part of a father’s day activity. This tower building exercise turns your family into an expert siege builder. You will build both the mechanical tower for defense and the assault siege machine using surreal 3D models.

UGears Archballista Tower

The ballista offers a new spin on classic warfare that will bring out your machine building skills and engross you while arresting your attention for the total building period. The articulated and moving parts in the finished model make this a worthwhile and enjoyable activity for father’s day.

Build Trams for your city

If you haven’t found your ideal father’s day activity kit yet, the tramline may be the one for you. The Tram has smaller models that come in a convenient scale for ease of building. When completed they become an object of admiration. The 3D model also has a gaming component making it suitable for hobby and collectors.

 UGears Tram Line

The tramcar component allows you to step into the “drive” mode. You can place the movable stairs in any suitable part of the platform as you see fit. The assembling process is quite exciting due to the way the parts come together to form new complex shapes.

A full tram assembly showcases the individual elements, the moving parts, and the cohesive whole. It is an entertaining project and can be an immersive activity for the father’s day.

Construct complex Railway Platform structure

Building familiar things from scratch can be rewarding. This activity affords the family the chance to construct four meters of track with accompanying crossings. A father’s day activity could be more fun when the children provide inputs as the puzzle is being solved.  You can contribute to the project and watch the disjointed pieces come together to form a beautiful structure.

 UGears Railway Platform Model

This isn’t your typical father’s day activity that ends with the presentation of gifts. When you participate in building the model kits it can bring back childhood nostalgia. With Ugears 3D model, you won’t end up with another lifeless structure but a functionally moving one and your father will experience the joy of DIY model building all steps of the way.

 UGears Truck Model

The Ugears brand got you covered with your father’s day activity. You can get your dad one of the model kit as a gift and plan your father’s day celebration accordingly. These model building activities serve as an ideal way to spend time together with your dad giving him a novel and loving experience in the process.