Tubgoat wooden model

At UGears we’re constantly being inspired by the vessels we see in action at sea and that is absolutely the case when talking about The Tugboat - yet another in a long line of beautifully designed 3D mechanical wooden models we’ve created for our customers to enjoy. From the moment you open the box and smell that new-wood aroma to the point you’re playing with your model outside, we just know that you’ll enjoy every second.


Realistic Movement


The engineering brilliance that our design team demonstrates in every mechanical wooden model is something to behold and The Tugboat is no different. An enormous amount of painstaking effort has gone into creating models that not only move without the aid of batteries but also mimic the natural movement of the item they’re meant to represent.


Take the Tugboat as an example. Powered ably by its internal rubber-band motor - which is also fashioned entirely from responsibly-sourced high-grade plywood - this fabulous model not only moves under its own power but rocks from side to side. This makes The Tugboat move just like a real one does as it navigates its way through the waves and it is thanks to an ingenious asymmetric wheel inside.


That’s not all either, as there is also a pendulum located within this 3D wooden model that creates a drone-like sound that mimics the diesel engines that are usually found within real working tug boats. This attention to detail is what makes our models so realistic and unique.


Poetry in Motion

 Easy to assemble with instructions

This fantastic mechanical wooden model has also been designed to allow all of its inner-workings to be viewed easily. It’s when you see the gears, pullies and motors in action that you realise the creative innovation that has gone into making something so intricate from wood alone. Starting life as a single sheet of plywood, the pieces of this model are laser cut with extremely high levels of accuracy. In fact, they’re so precisely fashioned that they need no glue or adhesives to be constructed.


It’s just one of the many reasons why UGears wooden models are seen as the next evolution in the world of model-building.


Want to Try a UGears Wooden Model For Yourself?


We think you’ll agree that the Tugboat is a genuinely unique creation - just like every other model from our range. If you’d like to have a go at putting each one of its 169 pieces together for yourself or you’d simply like to see what other amazing 3D mechanical wooden models we have in store for you, we recommend that you take a look around our website www.ugears.online.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and that you end up having even more when you try out one of our models. There are quite a few amazing choices available, so if you have any trouble deciding which is right for you, you could always have a chat with a friendly member of our team who will be able to find your ideal choice.