Tram Line model

For lovers of trainsets, model towns and all of the relaxation and enjoyment that comes with them, we have something to introduce to you - The Tram Line from UGears. This fantastic mechanical model kit offers the same rail-based hobbying fun, with the added dimension of being able to construct the vehicle, rails and platforms from scratch.


This exquisitely created model set is comprised of 14 separate models and it provides everything a person could possibly need to recreate a living, breathing tram system. There is a platform, a depot, a ticket office, a pedestrian bridge and a set of arches for your tram to travel through. And do want to know the most amazing part of it all? It’s all made from plywood - every single wheel, cog, gear and lever.


No Glue, No Batteries, Just Fun

 Tram Line Model Parts

Despite being able to achieve motion under its own power, the Tram element of the Tram Line needs no batteries to do so. Movement is provided by a cleverly engineered rubber band motor that simply needs to be wound up and set free and when it’s in full flight, you get to see all the cogs and wheels spinning in unison, in a graceful clockwork motion. Once at the end of the line, you can turn the tram right around on the clockwork turntable and send it back the way it came - just like in real life!


Attention to Detail

 UGears Tram Line Model

Something else you’ll notice when constructing this model is that much attention has gone into creating a realistic representation of a working tram, right down the ‘drive mode’ lever, the overhead pantograph and its opening and closing doors. The realism it offers, combined with its use out of completely natural materials makes it one of the most enjoyable and eco-friendly pastimes available.


The fact that there are so many different pieces to this amazing 3D mechanical model kit opens up the possibility of getting the whole family involved, with each person contributing by putting together a specific section of the Tram Line. What other models can you think of that offer this kind of family fun?


Engineering Appreciation


Most of us don’t get to gain an appreciation of engineering in its truest form in our daily lives but with a UGears 3D mechanical model, you get to understand the thought and skill that has gone into creating it, as well enjoying the satisfaction that comes along with assembling something with life and beauty with your own two hands.


If you’d like to know more about UGears as a company or to see our entire range of stunning mechanical plywood models, head over to our website, where you’ll see many examples of what our team of expert designers have been able to create from a simple sheet of plywood. Some of our models need to be seen to be believed!


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