If you’re like most Brits, you probably have your calendar marked for 19th May 2018. If you’ve been living under a rock, this is the day that Prince Henry is set to wed Meghan Merkle in the royal wedding of the decade. It’s a big deal for most people and marks a historic moment for the Royal Family. If you want to remember it forever, you’d probably want to pick up a piece of Royal Wedding memorabilia.


Chances are, many people will come out with pieces of memorabilia, but you want to make sure that you’re purchasing something that truly represents the magnitude of this historic wedding. So, skip the cheap postcard, and consider any one of our picks for best Royal Wedding memorabilia pieces!


Official Commemorative China


Want to remember the wedding forever and keep a piece of it in your cabinet for years to come? You should consider a commemorative piece of china bearing Harry and Meghan's monogram. The soft blue pattern is elegantly understated, and the border of the plate features a pattern inspired by the doors of St George's Chapel. Get the entire set, and you'll have a plate, teacup, tankard, pillbox, and ornament to remember this historical wedding forever.


Commemorative Flag


Wave the royal colours and get ready to celebrate on the wedding day! These flags are relatively affordable and look fantastic too. Buy one for yourself and another for a friend and get out and wave them on the 19th of May!


The UGears Royal Carriage


The UGears commemorative Royal Carriage model is a unique and practical way to celebrate the Royal Wedding. The model is made of sustainably sourced laser-cut wood and even features a Royal Crest on the back of the carriage. Hidden away is a delicate yet powerful motor that can keep the carriage moving forward. This model is inspired by the 1902 State Landau and even has four horses on the front. You’ll have just as much fun assembling the carriage model as you will have watching the wedding procession! Pre-order yours today and get it just in time for wedding day! 


Engagement Mug


Want to be reminded of the fantastic wedding every day around teatime? A commemorative mug is a perfect way to take a sip of royalty. Remember the wedding forever and enjoy a nobler cup of Earl Grey with a special Royal Wedding mug.


Tasty Celebratory Biscuits



This one might seem a little bit out of the ordinary, but it sure is a unique way to celebrate the Royal Wedding. You can order a biscuit tin from the Biscuiteers, back at it again with another celebratory tin of themed biscuits. Back in 2011, for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, they sold thousands of these themed biscuit tins.


For this wedding, they’re taking it up a notch with 18 hand-iced biscuits in Harry and Meghan’s likenesses along with other royal props. You might not be able to keep these biscuits forever, but the tin could come in handy later on.