Wooden Model

After the presents have been opened and the mince pies have been eaten, Christmas day can get pretty boring. If you’re not someone who enjoys playing board games or watching yet another Christmas Day re-run, you’re going to want something else to do...something stimulating.


Well, we’d like to introduce you to the Antique Box 3D mechanical wooden model from UGears, which is just one example of an incredible range of eco-friendly, precisely-engineered 3-dimensional models that are made almost entirely out of high-quality, responsibly sourced plywood. It’s a 3D mechanical model that will provide you with all the Christmas day stimulation you could ever need!


Poetry in Motion

 Horse wooden model

One of the most captivating things about our 3D wooden models is the fact that they’re not static and the Antique Box is a very good example of this. At first glance, it appears to be an ornate wooden jewellery box, but once you open the lid, you’ll realise this 3D wooden mechanical model is so much more than that.


Open this model up and you’ll bear witness to each intricate part of the model open in synchronised unison to display 8 separate compartments. The floral carvings you’ll see on the outside of the box are a good indication of the ornate nature of its interior and you can even gain access to two more secret compartments by pressing a button on the back of the box.


No Nails, Glue or Screws

 Precise engineering on all models

The know-how and engineering skill that has gone into creating this beautiful wooden model and the rest of our range is clearly evident, however, when you realise that all this has been achieved by our designers without the need for any kind of adhesives, bindings or screws whatsoever, it takes things to another level.


Every single piece of our 3D mechanical wooden models is precisely engineered and laser cut to such a degree of accuracy that no glue is needed. Each part of the puzzle simply slots together, with the only added ingredient being your persistence and patience to put the model together. Try one out for yourself and we’re certain you’ll be hooked!


Want to See More?


If you would like to enjoy the stimulating enjoyment and rewarding feeling that comes from completing a UGears 3D mechanical model for yourself, you can purchase one by visiting our website www.ugears.online. There are many models available in our range, with every one providing that unmistakably invigorating new-wood aroma when you open the box.


Don’t worry if you’re new to model building, however, as the stimulation our models provide is accessible to ages and skill levels, with a number of choices available for novices, experienced and master model builders alike. If, however, you have trouble choosing from our extensive range, call our friendly team on +441926 864282 and they’ll give you the benefit of the expertise and find the ideal model for your needs.


Thanks for reading our blog. We wish a very merry and stimulating Christmas!