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Elaborate Self-Propelled DIY Mechanical Models

UGears: are a series of 11 new mechnical models built from wooden pieces that spring to life with the help of rubber band engines, cranks, or with the assistance of gravity. Similar to balsa wood insects, the laser-cut pieces assemble like a puzzle without need for glue or adhesives. The most impressive design is an elaborate 480-piece steam locomotive that’s 12″ long and propels itself up and down a provided track with an internal engine.

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We started offering UGears the smashing Kickstarted success products in UK!

You know it's for real, when it clicks.  We have passion for eco-friendly products and simple understated style our partners at UGEARS have ever-innovative minds and craft loving hands. The result is our creative collaboration in UK. UGEARS are brave smashing Kickstarter success. They started with a dream an idea and some musing with a craft knife and some plywood - the result are these spellbinding cunstraction kits that are reminiscent of Leonardo Da Vinci and first gears of mechanical era. And as for us - we are two city-workers-turned-entropreners with Media&Finance background that are know proud UK representatives promoters and sellers of this pure magic.                                   ...

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