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Mechanical History of Puzzles

When people hear the words “puzzle”, their mind automatically pictures hundreds of precut pieces that took them days and weeks to assemble together as children (or something they struggle with when their kids ask for help). These two dimensional puzzles are either too hard that makes you exhausted or overly easy so you lose interest. Wooden puzzles are in! The latest trend in the gaming world is 3D wooden puzzles made of high quality plywood. Each puzzle is packed with wooden parts and assembling instructions – you can create different shapes and structures. To assemble, follow the instruction and carefully push out precut pieces from wooden board and then interlock the area with same number. Don’t worry it is pretty...

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Puzzles are Universal Gifts!

Mechanical puzzles are incredibly popular choices of gifts for people to give to their friends and loved ones. You can choose to give automobiles, clock towers, jewellery boxes, and so on – the range is vast! How do you decide which ones to purchase for them? Pointers to keep in mind when choosing games – take a look: Skill level Often puzzles will have a star rating or some indication of the difficulty of the puzzle or game. If the recipient has not done many of that sort of puzzle before, better off starting them on an easier level. However, they don't necessarily have to be experts at puzzles to do the hardest level - they may be naturally brilliant...

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Best way to keep kids busy and intellectually engaged these summer holidays!

3D Wooden Puzzles – An Educational Activity that Brings the Family Together It has already been established that 3D wooden mechanical puzzles are an important learning tool that can be used to enhance child development. This incredibly well rounded learning tool helps to capture attention, fine tune motor skills, boost creativity, encourage success, and improve confidence. Reasons to buy wooden puzzles for kids Children use adaptable thinking and deductive reasoning skills when they find different ways to put the pieces together. They gain the ability to think abstractly, determine where a puzzle piece may fit, and figure out what type of shape would be needed to fill that space. Playing with 3D puzzles encourages imagination and creativity when arranging the...

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Best Graduation Gift Ever!

Graduation gift is a difficult one. It should be something memorable, long lasting - but engaging and the most important  - not boring! We got all this covered at A GIFT THAT KEEPS GIVING The best part is that the fun doesn’t stop once the mechanical puzzle is complete. These mechanics actually become a real-life safe, as the gears start turning and the puzzle starts moving. Plus, we know graduation is a time to start saving those monies! Each models has a unique 3 digit code, so it is practical as well as fun. A SPECIAL DAY  Graduation day is sure one to remember! This is a start of new era and new life. Life that is quite busy nowadays - our Steam...

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New UGears Model coming this September!

As UGears mechanical puzzles fandom around the world is growing by thousands every day, we are set to keep you exited with the new mind-blowing models coming out along the way. This September we will present you - UGears Truck! Why get exited? As we grow our models are growing with us and they become more intricate and more ...well amazing. The truck will feature: The four-cylinder engine propelled by the crankshaft that draws its power from a fully-functional drive shaft turned by a rubber band engine via a system of gears. 3 modes - forward, backward and idle, which can be activated using the gear change lever on the side. If you wish to observe the UGM-11’s operational mode,...

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