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Celebrating all things Dad this Father's Day!

Our fathers - they are all so different and yet they share some things in common. One of them is being able to actually DO stuff with their hands and Enjoy it! Let's be honest our boyfriends, partners and husbands nowadays are usually as useless as we are with getting things repaired manually. They might be great at getting a handyman to come and change a light bulb or put a shelf on the wall. But doing it themselves... I always admire my Papa's practical thinking, the way he can fix almost everything and do it properly - so it lasts. He can actually make stuff - furniture, toys, lots of things for gardening. That's why I know Dads will enjoy...

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Photo of the platform and locomotive - UGears

Photo of the platform and locomotive Find more at We’re happy to present a photo of the platform and locomotive. Printed materials for this model are being finished and will be sent to all backers who supported our project on Kickstarter. The model will be available for sale only after the commitments we made to Kickstarter are fulfilled.

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Cool Father's Day Gift That Your Dad Doesn't Already Have

Get ready for Fathers day with 10% OFF! The sun is out and June 19th is just around the corner! Don't leave it to last minute (as last year) and order your Papa something special.We all know our Dads are a bit nostalgic about old days - when they called rather than send emails, printed their favourite photos, didn't have to learn what Instagram is, but most of all they miss creating things with their hands - real things in real world. UGears models are all about this - uniting families and generations, coming back to natural sustainable materials and coming back to what is real and true.We are sure you will find a perfect gift for your very special Dad from our range at Please also see...

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The history of wooden gears - UGears

The physics of computer games is based on our own perception of reality. It might feel as if the pull in the trebuchet’s slack is perfect, the angle is set correctly for you to make your shot, while all your nger actually senses is a smooth touchscreen.   By presenting the UGEARS mechanical models project on Kickstarter two Ukrainians decided to freshen upour memories about actual real-life mechanics. Their mechanical assembly models allow you to feel everycog, experience the work of energy that is not coming from an electrical cord. Working with these mechanisms brings up forgotten knowledge and skills. It is almost like taking a bite of your favorite pie from childhood – you will recognize this excitement when the model, fully...

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Mechanical construction kits for your gift shop

Mechanical Construction Kits that Really Move I would like to introduce UGears - unique wooden mechanical construction kits produced in Europe. All details are laser cut and ready for self-assembly without any special tools, glue and chemicals. To see the whole range please visit At the moment our range comprises of 10 amazing mechanical construction kits which come in beautiful simple design boxes. All of the models when assembled could be used both as a mechanical toy and beautiful home decoration. For models in the pictures above please follow the links product is protected by the patent, so is one of the kind and unique to the market not only in UK but worldwideWhat distinguishes our product from any other construction...

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