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Enjoy a Classic Model Experience with The Roadster from Ugears

To call classic car collecting a hobby pays something of a disservice to those who put their heart and soul into what can be a lifelong obsession. It’s easy to see why people get into classic cars, especially when you look at 1950s roadsters with their sleek, sweeping lines and a design that just shouts “drive me!”. It was the worldwide popularity of vehicles like these that led the Ugears design team to put their collective minds together to create the timeless mechanical 3D model that is The Roadster. This elegant and meticulously designed model offers a glimpse into the world of classic cars that’s so authentic, you can almost smell the petrol fumes.   A Genuine 3D Model Experience...

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Incredible Four-Dimensional Mechanical Models - the Future of a Timeless Pastime

The traditional notion of modelling as most people know it involves creating a static model of an aeroplane or a tank out of moulded plastic, during which smaller pieces sometimes become stuck to the fingers with errant modelling glue. It’s a messy business and the end results can be a little disappointing, so you can see why some people choose to give it a miss. At Ugears we offer a unique take on the timeless pastime of modelling and one that offers a true four-dimensional experience. Added to the three physical dimensions of height, depth and width, our models have an extra one to add to the list and it’s because they move, many with intricate mechanical parts that require...

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Ugears - The Model Brand for Train Enthusiasts Everywhere

  Model train enthusiasm is, of course, nothing new, but at UGears, we have a range of mechanical models that adds an extra dimension to the hobby. Our products feature a number of items that will most certainly appeal to those with a passion for railways and the machines that use them.   Let’s take a closer look at what we mean.   The V-Express Steam Train With Tender   The first model on our list is the V-Express Steam Train with Tender, which looks as if plucked straight out of the Industrial Age. Complete with a steam engine, tender and almost 2 ½ metres of train track to use, this wonderful 3-dimensional mechanical model offers more than just a...

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The Arch Ballista Tower - a Medieval Model Building Experience

  If your childhood was a time when you spent much of your time playing outside and creating your own little battle scenes with whatever you could find in the garden, then the Arch Ballista 3D mechanical model from Ugears will certainly appeal to you, as it offers much in terms of play and nostalgia. Inspired by medieval warcraft, this fantastic plywood model offers a glimpse into the distant past, as well as providing both a rewarding model experience and a way to assuage any desires you have to engage in exciting battle re-enactments that don’t involve knocking your next door neighbour’s fence down! Mechanical Mastery   Not only is the Arch Ballista a great example of what happens when...

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The Hurdy Gurdy - Where Mechanical Engineering Meets Music

If you’re looking for a model experience with broad appeal, then the Hurdy Gurdy from the UGears range certainly fits the bill. Offering a blend of engineering and musical melody, this wonderful three-dimensional mechanical model is something that will wow fans of both modelling and music alike. There is perhaps nothing so satisfying as playing a melody on something that you’ve created with your own blood, sweat and tears. When you first unbox a UGears mechanical model, it comes flat packed in sheets of laser-cut plywood sourced from sustainable forest stocks, so the idea that when finished this model will play a tune, can seem a little hard to imagine…but trust us, it will! The Hurdy Gurdy The instrument itself...

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