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Assemble, Enjoy, Play and Admire - 3D Mechanical Modelling Fun from UGears

UGears three-dimensional mechanical wooden models are becoming more and more popular around the world as a way to spend free time and dabble in both engineering and model-making. The reason behind his popularity is the fact that the 3D plywood mechanical models in our range are able to transcend what most of the general public thinks of when talking about the age-old hobby of model making.   That’s because our 3D wooden models are like no others that you’ll find on the market. Our models are entirely fashioned from responsibly sourced plywood and need no glue to assemble. They also require no batteries despite being capable of independent motion and are about as eye-catchingly impressive as you could imagine in...

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How Good are Ugears 3D Mechanical Models? Let Our Customers Tell You All About it!

When considering whether or not to purchase a wonderfully enjoyable and iconic 3D mechanical wooden model from UGears, you could listen to every superlative we put into each one of our blogs about them. We mean every word we say when we do so, but you could be forgiven for thinking “well, they would say that wouldn’t they?”.   For this reason, we would encourage you to take a look through our ever-growing collection of glowing Trustpilot reviews to see what feedback has been given by our past customers about the model-creation experience they had when they purchased one of our 3D mechanical products.   We assure you that every single review that has been left about us is genuine...

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The Blooming Flower from Ugears - The Perfect Blend of Engineering & Elegance

If you’ve ever been able to appreciate the beauty in engineering in the same way you would in nature, then you’ll know that they don’t usually occupy the same space. That is, of course, unless you are talking about the Blooming Flower 3D mechanical model from UGears which offers bucket loads of both.   Bearing more than a passing resemblance to a clockwork music box that has been merged with a flower, this fantastic 3D mechanical model is entirely made out of plywood and requires absolutely no adhesives, nails or screws to piece together. It comes with a changeable centrepiece of either a beautiful ballerina, a ring holder or a pedestal and it’s the perfect place to keep and display...

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The Fire Truck from Ugears - Offering Hours of Fun for People of All Ages

When it comes to hobbying fun, there is no more rewarding experience than assembling a UGears model, which are fast becoming the product of choice for modellers everywhere. That’s because they provide fun during assembly, but also fun when playing with them once constructed, due to their robust and sturdy design.   Here we look at the Fire Truck, which is a fine example of what we mean. This fantastic 3D mechanical model is, like all the models in our range, made from a single sheet of responsibly sourced plywood and requires no adhesives, glues, nails or screws to put together. Based on a fully-functioning fire truck from the real world, this impressive vehicle houses some pretty smart engineering and...

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The V-Express Steam Train from Ugears - An Engineering Model Experience from a Bygone Age

The industrial revolution began in the 18th century and it changed the face of the world we live in forever. Beginning in Britain and spreading around the world, engineers were the rockstars of their day and for good reason. Suddenly, journeys that once took weeks to complete, became possible in days or even hours. This was a golden age for engineering design and our clever designers have managed to recreate a little of the magic from this most pivotal of eras in human history in our 3D V-Express Steam Train mechanical model.   A Classic Design From the coupling rods that join the steam engine’s wheels together to the pistons that provide the raw power that drives the train forwards,...

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