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Best Christmas Gifts for Model Train Enthusiasts

If someone in your life has a keen interest in model trains, it’s likely that you’ll know all about it, as it can be a consuming pastime. Although you might think that buying a gift for model train enthusiast would be fairly easy, that’s often not the case. You can’t be sure that you won’t buy something they already have or that it’s a model they even want. That is unless you consider getting them an UGears model that includes all of the elements they’ll love and some extra ones thrown in for good measure. Until recently, you could buy either a static, plastic model with no working parts or a fully formed miniature that involves none of the joy...

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Safe - build your own working model by UGears

Safety Comes First! If your favorite pastime is tinkering with construction kits and coming up with a neat creation, rest assured the Safe will more than satisfy your artistic urge. This is a 3D puzzle safe that has a real combination lock on the front – it is an authentic replica of its real world counterpart. Wouldn’t these projects be a great way to occupy time on a rainy day or no TV night? On the other hand, if you wish to take up safe-cracking as a full-time professional, you can practice using this model. 100% hassle-free model – you don’t have to bother about putting in fresh batteries, gluing the parts together, or using any special tools. Made using...

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Uncommon Ways to Beat the Autumn Blues

Gloomy and dark is autumn. A change of mood usually accompanies changing seasons and the arrival of autumn is not different. Aside from Halloween and thanksgiving, autumn is a depressing part of the year for many people. Fortunately, this feeling doesn’t have to persist as there are plenty of ways to prevent autumn blues from getting you down. In this article, we discuss some interesting activities that can help you and your family beat autumn blues.   Learn a New Activity The boring and mundane things you do regularly is not enough to knock out autumn blues. You need something different and new to help you focus and stay motivated. How about 3D models? If you haven’t built 3D models...

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Combine - build your own moving model by UGears

All Set? It is Time to Harvest!  Being a farmer is tough work, especially when you are out in the fields. Every inch of the ground needs to be covered at the time of harvest, so the farmer can maximize profits. A Combine comes in very handy during this time – the Harvester from UGEARS is designed to give you a realistic taste of farm life at home.   To resemble its real life counterpart, the reel of the Harvester starts spinning when the Combine is moving forward. Check it out – you will be fascinated with the detailing. The rubber band engine can be wound up easily – just drag the model backwards or spin the large back wheel....

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Engine - build your own working model by UGears

A Peek at a Bygone Era Wouldn’t it be thrilling to actually travel back in time and witness some of the greatest inventions? For example, the steam engine is one of the most famous innovations in its era, so to see it from up close would be a different experience than just reading about it or seeing pictures. While we don’t have a time machine, we can certainly offer you a mini replacement via this Engine construction kit from UGEARS. The mechanical kit comprises precision produced parts that are carefully checked and packaged before being delivered, so you can rely on us. If you are passionate about building trains and engines, then this miniature will be a great addition to...

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