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The Aviator from Ugears - Ideal for Aviation Enthusiasts Everywhere

If you’re someone with propellers in your blood and planes in your DNA, then we have the ideal model-building experience for you. Created solely from laser-cut plywood, the Aviator is a complex mechanical model and something that will satiate even the most ardent of aviation enthusiasts. At UGears, we have a range of models for all ages and skill levels and whilst we know that all of our models are suitable for most people, the Aviator is at the trickier end of the scale in terms of assembly. The effort of constructing it, however, is well worth it as it will provide much in the way of enjoyment to the user. Three Modules One of the reasons that the Aviator...

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The Treasure Box - A Model Building Treasure

  At UGears, we have many interesting and wonderful three-dimensional mechanical models in our range, each with its own amazingly unique characteristics for model builders around the world to enjoy. However, in this blog, we take a closer look at one in particular - the Treasure Box. This intricate mechanical model is a beautiful example of what it’s possible to create when you combine simple laser cut plywood with engineering excellence. You could say that this particular puzzle model is the jewel in the crown of our collection, thanks to its classic, ornate design. Keepsakes within a Keepsake The Treasure Box is like every other model in the UGears range in that it requires no glue to piece together and...

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Impress Your Clients & Business Partners with Branded Corporate Gifts from Ugears

If you run or own a company that has a call to offer corporate gifts to its clients and business partners, then you’re probably very familiar with branded pens, key rings and USB sticks. The majority of the kinds of gifts you’ll find in typical corporate goodie bags are instantly forgettable and comprised of items that will invariably make their way into your kitchen drawer, never to be used again.  For those out there looking for something different that will really make your customers and business associates remember you and your company name, then we would like to introduce you to our beautiful range of brandable 3D mechanical models. Created solely from precision-cut plywood pieces, our models are eco-friendly, fulfilling...

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Ugears - Offering High-Quality Model Building with an Environmental Conscience

Ask anyone who grew up in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s about what was involved in modelling as a hobby and they’ll invariably refer to the plastic model kits that were ubiquitous at the time. The majority of the manufacturers have, for decades, used injection moulded plastics to create their products, which can be really delicate to put together properly and quite flimsy when completed. However, aside from the quality issues of these type of plastic models, it’s one of their main characteristics - what they’re made from - that causes most concern. Unfortunately, injection moulded plastics aren’t biodegradable meaning that if and when they find their way into the waste system, they’re there for a very long time and...

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Ugears Mechanical Models - Poetry in Motion

You would be right in thinking that there are many varieties of model kits available on the market, each with their own features and benefits, but at UGears, we know that we offer a singularly unique product that you won’t find anywhere else. Our 3D mechanical model kits are not only super-green, incredibly fun to make and stunning once complete, but the fact that many are able to move under the own power, without the need for batteries, puts them in a class of their own.   We’ll take you through a few examples of what we mean shortly, but before we do, we’d like to tell you about what makes our models that bit different from what you might...

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