Typically speaking, if you’re someone looking to get started on a modelling hobby, the beginner models you’ll encounter on the market will be quite simplistic and not as rewarding to construct as they might be. However, when you try a fabulous 3D mechanical wooden model to start your hobby, you’ll...

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When you’re stuck indoors for hours on end with your close family, stress can be a really big factor and right now, there are families all around the world in that very situation. What’s colloquially known as ‘Cabin Fever’ can set in pretty quickly when you’re not allowed to get...

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We’re all feeling the effects of prolonged isolation right now, with some of us still being prevented from leaving our homes. The impact on the mind is perhaps felt most keenly, with the day-to-day challenges of life at work and school having been taken away from us. However, there are things...

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