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Explore Your Creative Side with Ugears 3 Dimensional Plywood Models

Life can be pretty one-dimensional in the modern world, with the pressures of earning a living leaving little or no time for the things that nourish the spirit. Whether you’re musical, artistic or simply someone who likes to express their creative side, you’ll know that the catharsis that creating something out of nothing can leave you feeling more relaxed, grounded and less anxious about the everyday pressures we all face.   In this blog, we introduce you to one of the newest and most fulfilling ways to satiate your creative needs and its one that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of skill level, age or location. We’re talking about UGears mechanical models, which represent a ground-breaking development in the...

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Kids Bored During School Holidays? Stimulate their Minds with a Ugears 3D Mechanical Model

Kids today have things pretty good when it comes to technology, with iPads, smartphones and games consoles almost constantly available to be used. However, as many parents will attest to, technology and computer games often don’t leave kids feeling fulfilled and stimulated. In fact, quite the opposite can happen, with your children ending up bored and disinterested.   So, in this scenario, what you need is something that’s different, stimulating and perhaps much different to what they’re used to doing. So, to that end, we introduce you to the UGears range of 3D mechanical models that are not only hugely entertaining to assemble but also involve absolutely no electronics.   You could say that they’re a throwback to an analogue...

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The Mechanical Master’s Screen from Ugears - The Perfect Accompaniment to TableTop Games Everywhere

  If you’re a big fan of tabletop, tactical role playing games, then you’re likely to be all about the realism of the experience and whether you’re battling dragons or trying to conquer the world, the game master (GM) plays a really important role. For those who new to the pastime, in tabletop role playing games, the GM participates whilst at the same time being in charge of the direction and challenges in the game and maintaining its continuity.   Now, the 3D mechanical master’s screen from UGears adds an unmatched level of realism to any game its used in, whilst adding the necessary mystery to proceedings. Made entirely out of responsibly sourced plywood, the screen not only provides a...

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Ugears 3D Mechanical Plywood Models - The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Whilst most Dads love the attention that Father’s Day brings, what’s not quite so welcome are the ‘Dad gifts’ that often get given. We’re talking about socks, slippers, aftershave - the kind of gifts that are almost instantly forgotten and that certainly don’t stimulate the mind.   The good news for Dad is that there is a magnificent alternative to the deeply uninspiring Father’s Day gifts mentioned above and it comes in the form of 3 dimensional, plywood mechanical models from UGears. Our models are eco-friendly, need no glue to be assembled and offer hands-on fun with some truly beautiful engineering creations.   Classic, Innovative Designs   Ugears 3D mechanical models are extremely popular around the world, thanks in no...

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Fed Up With Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat? Get some Old-School Off-line Fun with 3D Mechanical Models from Ugears

As we approach the end of another decade, smartphones, tablets and games consoles are all the rage and for many, if it’s not happening’s not happening at all! However, we’re here to remind everyone that not everything good in the world has to be enjoyed through a screen. Our incredible range of 3D mechanical plywood models are stimulating, inspiring, fun to assemble and there isn’t a finger swipe or download in sight!   If you haven’t seen one of our three-dimensional mechanical models before, then you’re in for a treat, as the designs we have created are as jaw-dropping to look at as they are intriguing and challenging to put together. With fully functioning motors, clockwork mechanisms and self-propelled...

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