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Safety Comes First!

If your favorite pastime is tinkering with construction kits and coming up with a neat creation, rest assured the Safe will more than satisfy your artistic urge. This is a 3D puzzle safe that has a real combination lock on the front – it is an authentic replica of its real world counterpart. Wouldn’t these projects be a great way to occupy time on a rainy day or no TV night? On the other hand, if you wish to take up safe-cracking as a full-time professional, you can practice using this model.

  • 100% hassle-free model – you don’t have to bother about putting in fresh batteries, gluing the parts together, or using any special tools.
  • Made using premium grade plywood, this is an extraordinary model of a safe that can be used to store your money, documents, etc. properly.
  • Still not convinced? Once you assemble the pieces, it becomes a real safe that opens with a traditional 3 figure coded lock. The unique combination is included in the kit. While closing the safe, you just have to shut the door and turn the handle in an anticlockwise direction.
  • This construction kit is a fantastic gift for occasions like birthdays or holidays. You can turn into a friendly competition by letting others have a go at safe cracking, and awarding a prize to the one who is able to figure out the mechanism.

 Be patient while assembling the safe – we assure you the end result is worth the effort and you can flaunt your skill as well. No longer do you need to worry about misplacing smaller items and trinkets – you can keep them locked away and safe. It will spare you the trouble of hunting in several places, because now you know exactly where your valuables are. Please hurry and order now!

How to create a custom lock combination for the model Safe?
Let’s suppose you would like to put the code 321:
A=3, B=2, C=1
(Technically number C - can be only 1, 2, 6 or 7)
P1, P2, P3 - plugs in the discs
P3 - P2 = B - A + 8 (mod 10)
P1 = P2 + B – C (mod 10)

where A, B and C are the digits of the wanted code.

Safe’s code formula for 321 code:
P3 - P2 = 2 - 3 + 8
P1 = P2 + 2 - 1
P3 - P2 = 7
P1 = P2 + 1

Just choose one with P2 and P3 being 0 to 9

In this case you should use matching method to find the correct values. As you can see, this system of equations satisfy such values P1 = 1, P2 = 0, P3 = 7 (plugs in the discs)


Size models in finished form: 7.7*7.3*6.9 in (196 * 185 * 176 mm)

Inside space of  the safe : The  W*H*D   6.1*5.5*4.1 in  (155 * 140 * 105 mm)

Package size: 14.6*5.5*1.6 in  (37*14*4cm)

Number of parts: 179


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Stephen F.
United Kingdom

What a fantastic little construction kit!

It was an absolute pleasure building this kit. Take your time to ensure the correct orientation of certain parts as the reward of not having to remove them again will pay off in the end. Really good working combination

Gavin Lambert
New Zealand

Nice design

Overall a nice model and reasonably easy to assemble, although some parts require the assistance of a Persuasion Hammer (use carefully to avoid cracking the parts). A little disappointed in the manual, however -- only a few combination options are presented, when usually the point of a combination safe is to choose your own combination. The formulas above (and a spreadsheet you can find online) will let you pick more combinations, however. Another issue is that the instructions for assembling the dollar sign inside the door are incorrect -- they will make you assemble it backwards. This is consistent throughout the instructions, although the cover photos show it the correct way around, and it is possible to assemble it correctly if you ignore that part of the instructions.

A UGears Mechanical Models Customer
Holly B.
United Kingdom

Good birthday present

Easy to buy. Arrived quickly. I bought it for my dad who took three day to build it and seemed very happy with it. The finished product was very nice

Joe C.

Excellent Product

Found the product a challenge and a joy to assemble. The best money box money can buy.

Ce S.

Love It.

The description about how to set a password is not that clear. The first time the lock did not work. Only 1 digit was working. After some extra time to understand the mechanical structure, it worked. Overall I will give a 5 stars, the time of understanding the mechanics is interesting, isn' it?



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