Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 by UGears - build your own moving model

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Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 - mechanical model kit

Imagine – early morning: the mist crawling along the highway fills the air with a sleepy chill. It is not the coffee that wakes you up, but a turn of the key that sends the fuel along the veins of your 18-wheel beast making it purr like a giant mighty cat. You breathе in the air inside the cabin to smell a familiar mix of leather, gasoline, long days and sleepless nights on the road – and slowly drive your truck to the highway taking your time before it can release its true power and sweep ahead like a beautiful roaring monster… Have you ever experienced anything like that? Now is your chance to join the noble tribe of long-haul truckers with a “Heavy Boy Truck VM-03” model from Ugears.

Robust and powerful, the Ugears long-hauler has a R6 engine driven by a rubber band motor. With one winding, the truck can go for about 5 meters. The transmission system implemented in the model has three modes: forward, back and idle. The front sprung wheels turn to set the direction.

The detailed design includes all iconic elements of a long-haul truck – two big pipes and two pairs of mirrors as well as a realistic hook up system that connects your tractor unit to the trailer. For more convenient access to the cabin, a small ladder is mounted under the cabin door. In the rear of the truck you will find a shovel and a gas can. Moreover, for the tired driver, the Heavy Boy can offer a cosy sleep station with a TV-set! 

The romance of the road and the might of a large and fast automobile will leave nobody indifferent. Whether you are a loner or a company man, the time on the road will clear your head and you will learn to cherish the time with your close ones even more. Fill the tank to the brim and venture forth with Ugears’ Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 to explore new routes.

The Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 model kit is made of sustainably sourced high grade wood and has everything you might need for assembly.  The quality of the parts is top-notch: a laser method is used for cutting items from a plywood board that provides precise hairline cuts. The details have to be pulled out of the boards and assembled to create a complete model. Like all other Ugears models, the Truck VM-03 comes with step-by-step, full-color, truly easy to follow instructions in 11 languages (Ukrainian, English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Korean) and requires neither glue nor special tools to be fully assembled into functional working Truck.


Model size: 15 х 5,1 х 6,7 in (380 х 135 х 178 mm)

Package size: 14,6 х 6.7 х 2 in (378 х 170 х 50 mm)

Number of components: 541

Estimated time of assembly: 8-9 hours

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David M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Cabriolet VM05

Good to work with but the elastic bands are very weak in some places ie bonnet lid once built cannot replace this is the only model l have come against

David R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fabulous item

1st class , totally thrilled with quality and ease of construction .

John H.
United Kingdom

Big Boy Truck.

I have thoroughly enjoyed making this model, and as a retired engineer I appreciate the technical expertise needed to design and manufacture such things. Some parts were fiddly, but worth it. The only problem I have is that one piece has broken, it is number 13 on board one. I am looking forward to the trailer arriving, along with the Hurdy-Gurdy for my wife.

Christine E.
United Kingdom

Heavy boy truck

Excellent service but some problems in removing parts from sheets. Some small parts were in danger of breaking. The parts were not adequately cut through on one side of each piece.

veronica b.
United Kingdom

heavy boy truck vm 03

have just started to build i cannot comment if it is as good as the motor bike model i will be very happy

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