What are the UGears models?

The UGears models come as amazing collections of construction kits which are made of plywood. Simply described, the UGears models are mechanical puzzle games of assembling the components of the kits to make different exciting models such as a steam locomotive, tram, tractor, chronograph, truck, harvester, safe with digital lock, dynamometer, trailer and many more. A lot of UGears models with new designs are under development. The unique aspect of these puzzle games is that adults and children can play them together. So parents can play with their kids as well as grandparents with their grand children.

An amazing game, sometimes challenging as well

The UGears kits contain all the parts and other components that are required to construct the various mechanical models. These kits are ideal for those who enjoy doing craft works. Assembling the parts and constructing the various models are indeed exciting experiences since all the parts and components are made with 100% perfection. Those who constructed the models for once using the kit will surely get more interested and consequently they will want to repeat the construction with more challenging models. After completion the models appear perfect as well as artistically designed. These are purely mechanical models that move, so after construction they can work as both, a toy or a nice art piece on a shelf.

Made of natural products

The UGears models are purely natural products since all the parts are made of the best quality plywood. Since no synthetic materials are used in these models, the kits are 100% eco-friendly. All the components are ready-made for assembling and all the details are clear. The various parts can be directly assembled without using any glue or chemical adhesives. Hence it is easy to handle the parts and no harmful chemicals are used in the process. The parts are very strong and ensure perfectly shaped models.

The unique gift for friends and loved ones

During festival seasons like Christmas and New Year Eve, most people prefer to gift their friends and dear ones something new and different. In that way, many people will find the UGears kits the best present they can find. Those who like puzzles and those who like to do mechanical tasks are sure to finda these kits as precious gifts. Children who are curious to perform scientific experiments will make assembling of the parts their most favourite activity. The main part of the puzzle is to understand the mechanism of assembling as well as functioning of the models. Once the mechanism is understood it is easy to construct the models. Learning of the mechanism and learning how to make the models to function make it a truly educating puzzle game for children. Even if it takes some time to assemble all the parts, at the end one gets the satisfaction of creating a perfect model.

A few UGears mechanical models

The Steam Locomotive Model

Locomotive Model

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Among the various UGears models, the Steam Locomotive is the largest. The task of assembling the components is very interesting and on completion the model appears realistic with a fancy design. One has to carry out the assembly work diligently. The instruction manual clearly explains the step-by-step construction process. The smaller parts are to be assembled first so as to form the body of the locomotive, its wheelbase and gear wheels. This locomotive can run up to 5 meters. The distance covered as well as the speed of the locomotive can be adjusted by winding the rubber band engine appropriately. The lever that is kept near the driver’s window is used to start the engine and also to speed up. The mechanism of this model is really complicated and made of wood entirely, the model appears stunningly beautiful. There are also many additional pieces that can be bought to expand the locomotive universe such as the Railway Platform or the Rails and Crossing

The Chronograph

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UGears provide an amazing kit for constructing chronograph that records time accurately. The chronograph appears elegant and is ideal for interior décor. The chronograph has a roller pendulum with adjustable amplitude. It is truly mechanical and can be set to any time within the range 1 – 20 minutes. Plain rubber bands are used to activate the timer. Making the chronograph is not a time consuming process and even children will manage it easily. Those who are enthusiastic of creating simple models starting from the basics are sure to find this kit very interesting.

UGM-11 Truck

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Construction of the truck is another very interesting puzzle game offered by UGears. The kit for construction of the truck illustrates the quality as well as craftsmanship of UGears. When the parts are assembled and construction of the truck model is completed the user will be astonished to see a large model of truck that is very well in action. During completing the task you can get a clear idea of the design of the truck. This is one among the most advanced UGears model kits and when compared to the construction of the chronograph it may require more time to complete the task. The entire process is clearly explained in the instruction manual. The engine is powered by rubber band through a lever mechanism. The rubber band engine turns the drive-shaft which powers the crankshaft. The truck has a four-cylinder engine. The crank shaft propels the engine. This project gives immense satisfaction and excitement on completion.

The Moving Tram

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Since tramcars are very rare the UGears tram model will be an extraordinary element of décor for the living room. The kit provides all the parts required to create a mini tramcar system. The rubber band engine will propel the tram and by way of tilting up the end of the rails using a lever the path can be given the shape of a steep slope. A bridge can be easily constructed using the levers on either end of the rail and the tram model can be lifted from where it is resting. The mechanism is so excellent that the system appears very realistic.

Many new mechanical models are under development in UGears. The various models are appreciated by people of all age groups. All the models are ideal gifts and the UGears models encourage parents to play mechanical games with their kids.

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