"UGears are the wooden alternative to Lego. And they are awsome" May 17, 2016 Futurism

In 2014, we joined our efforts to initiate a startup UGears to create our own production of modular mechanical models in which everything is real. Today we have more than 20 models and are continuously working on new designs for the future models!

We are very happy to see that our models are appreciated by people of all ages. They literally unite generations. Ladies buy them for their boyfriends and husbands; grandchildren get our models to put them together with their grandparents. This is the best way to engage constantly busy moms and dads in playing together with their children.

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Press coverage
"These wooden contraptions require no electricity and each kit can be assembled without glue."
Ugears Are The Wooden Alternative To Legos. And They're Awesome.
"All-in-one: puzzle, toy and fully fledged musical instrument, UGEARS has just launched one of their most ambitious mechanical models yet—Hurdy-Gurdy."
Hurdy-Gurdy: UGEARS Launches the World’s First Mechanical Musical Model
Independent Toy Award
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